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A Bit About Evolveray

Inspired Beginnings


Evolveray was conceived at Casale San Pietro at one of our regular Yoga retreats.

Alana is the owner and managing director of Casale San Pietro. She moved to Italy and has run the business with her husband Joe for the last 7 years.  Previously her whole career was in corporate retailing at a senior level. She decided that a new life chapter was required. It has been a successful and very happy transition and now she has the capacity to coach other women to realise their Dolce Vita. She has started this exciting business with Nina, whom she originally met in the corporate world.

Nina was a learning and development head who had worked through the ranks of retail management and she is now a senior yoga teacher and embodiment coach. She escaped the corporate race to follow her dreams and became a yoga teacher 10 years ago, and she now has a successful business in the Surrey Hills. 

Together they have the experience, the expertise and the connections to help you flourish and live YOUR BEST LIFE.

Yoga Child's Pose

They say.....

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

We love what we do, and you can too.

What Else Makes Evolveray Unique?

You will experience a beautiful all-inclusive transformational retreat in a luxury hotel.

You will be pampered with some sumptuous treatments, yoga and delicious food and wine.

You will have space to think differently. You will also enjoy some wonderful creative experiences.

You will be part of a growing Evolveray community of kindred women supporting each other.

You will have development sessions to gain clarity on your vision of life, practical advice and support to steer your thinking as well as 'deep diving' to clear any self-doubt or obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your Dolce Vita.


We have also got some inspiring, skilled guest experts with amazing life stories to help you on your journey.

Alana's and Nina's passion for people,  development, service and love for life guarantees that you will leave the Evolveray Retreat energised, focused and ready to live your best life.



Peace amongst the Olive Groves

Your main event is 7 nights in a stunning part of Italy, just 1 hour South of Rome in the heart of the Italian countryside.  Casale San Pietro is a small luxury hotel nestling in 8 acres of hillside olive groves.  The gardens are abundant with herbs, flowers and lavender, with many relaxing areas in which you can reflect and spend some solitary time. All areas of the Casale have panoramic views of the olive groves and mountains beyond. There is always the sound of trickling water for relaxation.

This is a full sensory experience to enable you to switch off, sleep well, restore wellbeing, and create wonderful memories through all your senses.

Feeling Good, Functioning Well

Planting the Roots to Evolve

Through research and experience, Alana and Nina have created the Roots to Evolve, which are the ten principles, or habits they believe are the foundations to living your best life. The retreat introduces, and has been carefully curated around these roots to take you on your journey towards thriving and flourishing in life. 

Inspiring guest experts will add depth to each root and provide the opportunity to explore how these relate to your life already, and how you can give them more space. Creating firm roots for your best life, by following the Roots to Evolve. 

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Wine & Painting Night

The Experience

Curated by Women, for Women

The journey begins before you arrive at the main event, you will receive a welcome pack and a personal call for any questions you may have and a little more detail of the main event.


Each day will be a fusion of creativity, development, fun, holistic modalities and pampering.  


When you leave Italy the journey continues. Two weeks after you have returned home, you will be invited to a two hour virtual retreat to help keep you on track and connected. You will also be part of the Evolveray community with the option of continued mentoring.


Eat Well to Live Well

We believe food is the foundation to living well, and we know you can achieve so much through what you eat and live by the mantra "Eat well, Live well".

At Casale San Pietro we have four outstanding cooks who make fresh pasta and cakes everyday! You will enjoy home made Italian food created from the freshest local ingredients that are available each day. All our vegetables are from local gardens and our meat is from a local farm. We also cater for all dietary requirements, so you can enjoy every mealtime.

We serve Italian wines with a comprehensive wine list. Dinner includes organic white or red wine from a local vineyard. Our own olive groves provide our renowned organic first press extra virgin olive oil.


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