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10 routes to evolve

Updated: May 13, 2022

Nina Airey & Alana Mazza


During one of our many discussions one evening at Casale San Pietro about what makes for a happy and fulfilled life, we found ourselves asking the question, "what are the ways to create YOUR best life".

We are avid readers, passionate about growth mindset and have backgrounds steeped in self development. One peek at our shelves is testament to the curiosity we have on the habits, mindset, attitude and neuroscience associated with positivity, functioning well and feeling good.

We were intrigued to identify common themes between our journeys - from identifying our values, what was important to us, then imagining how life could be, to making it happen - and the habits that sustained us along the way. We sense checked these against ancient and current thinking, and set about defining what we believe to be the 10 routes to evolve to live your best life.

Wellbeing Research tells us that happiness and living well is comprised of 2 main aspects, feeling good and functioning well, which makes sense to us and also provides a handy framework for us to explore the ways to evolve and live life to its fullest.

Feeling Good

  1. Love - giving and receiving real love to yourself and others is one of life's greatest joys.

  2. Nutrition - nourishing the body well for optimal gut and mind health is the greatest act of self love.

  3. Movement - dance, walk, run, skip, swim, hop, cycle, skate, stretch, hug - keep moving for momentum and mobility.

  4. Sensuality - indulgence of the senses and pleasure seeking truly feeds the soul.

  5. Sadhana - a dedicated daily spiritual practice that centres, grounds and restores love, patience and faith.

Functioning Well

  1. Yoga - practising mindful yoga and meditation to bring intention and connection to the world around, and the world within.

  2. Mindset - creating the freedom to choose our attitude, continuing to learn and evolve.

  3. Focus - being goal and action oriented; having the focus and vision of your best and unique life, and being focussed to fully live it.

  4. Dharma - being true to your very nature and shaping your life around you and your values.

  5. Balance - juggling the experience of being you and setting boundaries to maintain steadiness as you journey through life.

We will share more about each of these routes to evolve in the coming months, and also at our Evolveray transformational women's retreats. These bespoke and exclusive retreats launch on International Women's Day 8th March each year.

In the meantime we will be sharing our experiences of living the routes to evolve through our newsletters and social media. Sign up, share and stay connected to our growing Evolveray community of kindred women. With love,


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