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from our lovely clients

Kat Copeland MBE 
Olympic Gold Medal Winning Rower

''It was an absolute joy to spend over a week with Alana, Nina and a group of incredible women. Not only were the facilities amazing- the Casale is so tranquil and you really feel immersed in the landscape of the olive groves and hills- but the course content and facilitation was truly unique and well thought-through. As an athlete, I was expecting similar talks and exercises to what I've done before, but I was blown away at the creativity behind the retreat- by thinking about some of 'life's big questions' in a different way (thinking mindfulness walks, art, movement, cold water dips!...), and having the time and space to consider these without distraction, I really did come away with more clarity, confidence and purpose moving forwards to the next stage of my life. Finally, you couldn't ask for more inspirational, qualified, supportive and down-to-earth facilitators than Alana and Nina- no topic was off limits and they bought humour and space to some more serious topics. I hope it's not long before I'm back on that terrace with a delicious dinner and fab company again!!''

Kat xxx

Nichola March 2022



March 2022

"Five months ago I was experiencing signs of burn-out and despite trying different things to re-set after the pandemic and the stresses of a busy life (three teenage children, a more than full time self-employed job, coupled with the joys of the menopause!).  When I saw Alana and Nina’s post on Linked In about the Evolveray retreat, I decided to sign-up in the hope that a week of focused ‘me’ time, away from my everyday life, would help me to put in place a new life plan.  Quite simply the retreat was everything I hoped for and much more!  - the benefits remain today and along with that, I met a truly inspiring group of women who I have gained so much from spending time with.  Five months on I feel happier,  healthier and I have a much better balance in my life and I’m taking the time to really appreciate and enjoy everything that I have!  I’d thoroughly recommend joining a retreat with Alana and Nina, they will sensitively and compassionately guide and support you to set some new life goals and nudge you where needed!  As well as that you get to spend a week in a beautiful place, eating amazing food and being totally spoilt!"

"I cannot recommend highly enough the incredible experience I had at the Evolveray Retreat with Alana and Nina set in the stunning setting of the Casale del Pietro.
The week long retreat struck the perfect balance for me:-we challenged ourselves, had fun with activities and experiences carefully and purposefully included in the programme whilst at the same time had the time to relax and reflect alone to consider our plan for whatever our personal next chapter looks like. The hospitality was incredibly warm and welcoming, the food amazing and I met some incredible women who became true friends. I am already excited for our next gathering in 2023 when we come together to share our progress towards our Dolce Vita."

Sue March 2022

Nichola March 2022

Group Ending.jpg

"I heard about the retreat from Alana herself on one of my visits to the Casale.

I knew I was coming to some major crossroads in my personal life and was keen to find out how the retreat would support me in this. I have to say I wasn’t sure, I’m no champion of industry, I don’t sit on any boards, I’m just me.

What was the worst that could happen? I would meet some wonderful women, enjoy a wonderful week at the Casale, re engage with yoga and eat and drink some amazing food and wine.

Oh boy it was so much more than that……..

The week was so well thought through, it truly did take you on a journey of discovery.

I learnt new technics to help me with my thought process, I discovered new passions and did truly meet some extraordinary women who I now call friends.

The days were carefully constructed to take you on a journey to discovering your best life/self.

Each day we explored a sense and truly got to appreciate each one with activities built round to support that.

I think for me the community created at the retreat has been the greatest joy and support.

With the help of Alana and Nina I can honestly say I am taking the steps to live my best and happiest life, but this is a journey not a destination and I’m now equipped to enjoy it."


Thank you, Alana and Nina. xxx

Julie 2022

"Evolveray - Life changing!

If you’re thinking of doing this retreat just do it…

Personally, having an extremely busy career in retail I struggle to find the space in my normal daily routine for much more than working and living. So I decided to treat myself to some much needed time out in the gorgeous Italian countryside to plan for my future. This retreat did not disappoint… I left with a clear vision of how I wanted my future to look and a plan of how to achieve this.

Nina and Alana were incredible, every need was met, they created a safe space were all us lovely ladies on this journey shared our hopes and dreams for the future. We laughed a lot, shed a few tears, challenged ourselves in every way, even did some cold water swimming. We grew together as a group, I feel we all left with a clearer perspective of what was important to each of us. Also knowing that all these goals don’t have to be immediate, but just like the tortoise we take little steps every day to bring us closer to the life we dream of.

Nina and Alana are phenomenal, honestly I can’t speak highly enough of this experience. The yoga and mediation were amazing to set up the day, the food - gourmet level and all local produce, the accommodation next level! The evening fireside chats to finish off the day were really special.

I could go on and on but I won’t, go and experience it for yourself! You’re worth it."

Ashleigh March 2022

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