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The Evolveray Community

Get to Know Us

Alana Mazza

I’m Alana and I am the owner and managing director of Casale San Pietro. I moved to Italy and have run the business with my husband Joe for the last seven years. Previously my whole career was in corporate retailing at a senior level. I decided that a new chapter was required having met all my career goals. It has been a successful and very happy transition and now I have the capacity to coach other women to realise their Dolce Vita. I have started this exciting business with Nina, whom I originally met in the corporate world.


Nina Airey

I’m Nina and I am a senior yoga teacher & mentor and embodiment coach and founder at Nina Airey. I was born in Belfast and moved to England to pursue my career in retail area management, where I worked through the ranks ultimately to work as a learning and development head where I honed my coaching skills. I successfully escaped the corporate race to run my own business qualifying as a yoga teacher ten years ago.


Sarah Harvey-Franklin

I’m Sarah and I am a fashion designer, and a painter who creates bespoke commissions for private clients. and I worked in London as a  painting teacher. In my spare time I practice yoga, having just qualified as a yoga teacher. During your stay at Evolveray my aim is to show you that anyone can paint and reap the benefits it has to offer.


Bernadette Gledhill

I’m Bernadette and I started my career as a fashion model working with leading companies and international designers. As well as modelling, I have created a business planning and organising large events and fashion shows. Teaching women confidence, styling, presentation skills and very importantly overcoming self consciousness has been an important part of my career and I look forward to bringing these skills to the Evolveray community.


Varsha Khatri

I'm Varsha Khatri and I bring forth the value of holistic health by combining the science of health and nutrition with Ayurveda. I am a qualified nutritionist, a senior yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic health specialist, and a health educator. I am the author of Think Healthy Choose Healthy.  I have spent over a decade helping others achieve their health goals through my holistic and empowering approach that is unique to my skill set.


Klaus White

Hi. I'm Klaus White. I am a teacher, writer, and founder of My life changed in 2018 when I unexpectedly found myself a single parent to my beautiful four year old daughter. I created my first book A Journal to Happiness based on the structure I had used to get my life back on track. The Philosophy of The Way of the Tortoise revolves around the small steps approach. So often in life we expect quick results, but in reality the natural way of things is that incremental moments compound over time create long lasting change. I have loads of practical tips to share about building positive habits so that every day can be happier. I look forward to meeting you. 


Jeanette Carter

I’m Jeanette and I had a long and successful career in the corporate world working for some of the largest retailers as both a Retail and H.R Director before launching a successful Retail Consultancy specialising in operational support alongside the coaching and development of teams and individuals to achieve their full potential. People kindly say I have the rare quality of being one of the most commercial retailers they know but also a wonderful mentor and developer of great people. Supporting the growth of women in particular is a key passion of mine and I can’t wait to be part of the Evolveray journey.


Jo Howarth 

I’m Jo Howarth, founder of The Happiness Club.

I’m an Advanced Hypnotherapist with a psychology degree and a diploma in mindfulness. I’ve been helping people to improve their mental health and outlook on life for many years now. 

Through my work I have found that some people simply want to feel more positive, but all want happier, calmer lives. I truly believe that with the right support, it is possible to live a happier, more manageable life. 

At the Evolveray retreat I will be sharing techniques to build emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence to ensure everyone chooses happiness every day, leading to life fuelled with happiness. 

Nicola Cloherty 

Hi, I'm Nicola and I create ways for women to be their TRUE SELF(!), and if they have a business - how to manage and run that also, by partnering with cycles, energy, human design, healing from heaviness and past experiences, and sprinkling that with a big bit of selfishness (in a good way!).

I've got a treasure trove of ways to support as and when the uncomfy upgrades beckon and natural and magical ammunition is needed!

During my 37 years on Mother Earth, I have had some big life experiences (thank you, Saturn return and some!) - in both my personal and professional life - that has shaped and taught me so much already. I can't wait to share ways for you to be positively selfish at the Evolveray retreat. 



From Past Retreats

I’ve dabbled in yoga on and off for a few years but have never really connected with it… until now… I can truly say this has been life changing. The location is beyond idyllic. The yoga has been amazing and the weather is perfect.
We are a group of people who have come together for a yoga retreat and will leave as friends and will return again and again. I look forward to sharing the journey with them all. Ideas have been born and I will leave Casale San Pietro feeling lighter in mind and with a clear path. This is all down to Nina, Joe and Alana. Thank You. Namaste.

S. L.

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