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Living your best life, Realising your Dolce Vita - What does this truly mean?

By Alana Mazza


The reason Evolveray wants to help Women realise the sweet life is: When you are in your everyday, busy life juggling many things, career, family, relationships, home you are too busy to see what your best life actually looks like!

I can totally relate to this as I have been there! I was Retail Director for Hobbs looking after all the retail outlets in the UK and in the USA, I lived in the North of England and my office was in London, my average day was 12 hours. I had two children and a home to look after. I loved my long retail career. I had headaches every third day and about once a month I had severe migraines, I didn't eat particularly well, as it was usually on the go and I did very little exercise, no time! I never had time to think of what I really wanted out of life.

Then one holiday in Italy, Joe and I had the opportunity to buy a wonderful property, In an area we knew well. We went inside the property and PING! The vision appeared of a small luxury hotel, within a week I had a vision, didn't know if it could be a reality at this point, but we spent the whole two weeks planning it. Boom, we made the decision to buy it. I resigned and whilst working my notice period, sold our house and then all the jigsaw pieces slotted together. We have been here five years and what a move, perfect for us both! I never have headaches, I never have migraines, I eat everything fresh, mainly from the land, I walk and swim every morning. We are meeting interesting wonderful guests and doing what we love! We both are now living our best life. We have found the perfect balance.

Through Evolveray, Nina & I now want to help other women to take time out and start visualising what their best life looks like, it can be so many different things for different people.

If you can relate to my story or have a story of your own? Have a look at our website to see how we can help you. If I had this kind of support 10 years ago, I think I would have definitely taken the leap earlier.

Please use our community and face group to share your stories and if you have any questions please ask.

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